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RAAF Aircraft

1946 Updates, etc.

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RAAF Aircraft
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RAAF B-239 Brewster

576KB - Capt D.J. Shannon 25e Sqn RAAF Perth 1942

RAAF P-40E Kittyhawk

526KB - Typical Pacific Camouflage Scheme

RAAF Curtiss P-40E Kittyhawk

1.9MB - download includes RAF, RNZAF & USAAF

RAAF P-40E 75th Squadron

410KB - RAAF P40-E 75th Squadron, Port Moresby, 1942.

RAAF P-40N "Currawong"

516KB - P-40N-1, No75 Squadron RAAF

RAAF P-51 Mustang - A68-118

744KB - bare metal - clear roundel

RAAF P-51 Mustang - A68-82

496KB - bare metal - red-centred roundel - almost identical to the one in which _RAAF_Furball took his joyflight - refer Furball's Website

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Other 1946 Aircraft
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1946 Updates, etc.
File Name
IL2:1946 Updates Game Updates
Ausgamers Files - 1946 Updates Ausgamers Files - faster downloads, but check the Il2 site for correct file details