Real Aussie Air Force Non-Game Downloads  



Non-Game Files
File/Site Name
Ad-Aware Get rid of spyware
Clipboard Pile 1MB - a clipboard manager that allows 100 clipboard items to be saved - ideal for taking shots while flying - thanks Riddler - run Ad-Aware after install
Enditall 400 KB - terminate all non-essential programs before running CFS2
Flashget 1.4MB - Download Manager - D/L files 5 times faster - run Ad-Aware after install
Game Voice Online voice chat
Harvard Pics, sounds and video

Click on the links for audio & video of a flyby - sennnnsational! If these don't get you're blood running, you must be comatose :)

ICQ Online voice and text chat, file transfer
MSN Messenger Online voice and text chat, file transfer

P-38 Flyby

544KB - Magnificent sound!

P-51 Flyby

138KB - Magnificent sound!
Roger Wilco Voice chat
Teamspeak Chat while you play & change channels easily
TSDisp - Teamspeak Display See who's transmitting while using Teamspeak
Team Wilco Add-on for Roger Wilco - change channels
World Clock Get the time for any Timezone
ZoneAlarm Free Personal Firewall


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