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~ S ~     16 August 2016     S!

Activity in the RAAF (and website & Forum) has slowly dropped off over time - particularly over the last 12 months

Therefore, the Real Aussie Air Force has disbanded and the website & Forum (Message Board) were closed yesterday

We thank all members for their participation since this online gaming group was formed in January, 2001

Many lifelong friendships have been formed

The "_RAAF_ Final Parade" (looking back) was held on Sunday, 14 August 2016 with wheels-up at 8pm AEST

We saw many _RAAF_ members online, as well as many friends (or is that foes?) from other Squads, with most of them getting into the air for a flight once the "formalities" were over.


The "formalities" were outlined in my last Post on the Forum:

It has been an absolute pleasure to:

  • be your CO for 10 years - 2001-2011 (approx.)
  • help coordinate "pilots" to meet and share the organising of many enjoyable encounters - both online and in person
  • host and maintain the website and Message Board for 15 years

I have enjoyed the company of you all.

Here are some of the memories we shared during our final comms session as the RAAF:

  • remembering lost comrades - Derek & Orion - and missing all the others who couldn't make it
  • we quickly ran through the list of members, which also brought back many memories
  • Avalon airshows:
    • get-togethers and dinners at the motel
    • breakfast at Fiery's (Tiffany wasn't available)
    • the airshow itself
    • visit to the Point Cook hangar and the photos of us all sitting in the P51 cockpit (yes, brightspark ...... it was one at a time)
  • Tyabb:
    • airshows
    • tour of the Old Aeroplane Company (remember the P40?)
    • lunch at that restaurant on the Frankston beach on the way home
  • dinner at that Greek restaurant
  • the legal challenge from the real RAAF and needing to change our crest and images - thanks to Firey for the artwork
  • tour and BBQ at the Australian National Aviation Museum at Moorabbin (remember the Catalina?)
  • USL and all the other matches we participated in, including intra-Squad Matches - and all the planning, maps and strategizing
  • the many flying training and induction sessions we shared
  • the many support calls we all handled on matters related to aircraft, gaming and computers

All in all, it's been a wonderful journey ........

Here's one of my fondest memories ....... 2005_Mustang_Schuftie_Goldy_Sparky_Bolloxs_Aussie_Furball_Fox (click for larger file)


Some members are still active in the flight sim community ...... look for them

The end of an era ……



    Site last updated - 2 September, 2016 - News  


Cliffs of Dover

Refer our Forum and the News page for the latest information


_RAAF_Squad was formed in January, 2001 - more than 10 Years ago!


There are now many similarly-named Squads - make sure you choose the right one to join!



Salute! ... and welcome, flight simulation enthusiasts, to the website of the Real Aussie Air Force.

We fly all theatres and all Allied and Axis aircraft in
IL2: 1946 and IL2: Cliffs of Dover.


Whilst we are an Australian-based flight simulation squad, we welcome and recruit pilots from all countries as well as all skill levels.If you are new to the flight sim genre, there is no better place to learn than by joining an on-line squad. We conduct training courses, so lack of skill is not a problem.

We have ages ranging from 11 to "I'm not gunna tell ya". :-)

We fly with settings ranging from "Relaxed" to "Full Settings" and everything in between - see Flight Times.

Please refer to the Join page.
Feel free to and introduce yourself by posting a message on our
Squad Message Board.


We are a non-MOD squad. 

As a Squad, we do not fly MODs - in our games, intersquad matches or competitions.  We don't prohibit our members from flying MODs, but ask that they join us for non-MOD games on Squad Nights. 

If you prefer to fly MODs, we probably aren't the Squad for you.


IL2 was originally released in 2001. "1946" was released in December, 2006 and includes Forgotten Battles, Aces Expansion Pack & Pacific Fighters (FB+AEP+PF). As at October, 2011, we fly Version 4.10.1m "official release".

The April, 2011 release of Il2: Cliffs of Dover is an exciting development and is part of our squad operations.

Until March, 2004, we flew CFS2. We tried CFS3 when it was released, but found it severely lacking - click here for our detailed report


This Virtual Squadron flies IL2: 1946 and IL2: Cliffs of Dover and is not affiliated with the Royal Australian Air Force. Names used by our pilots are fictional and in no way reflect the RAAF.


Click here for the real RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force)

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Children's Privacy

Since we have several young members, the safety of children is very important to us at RAAF. We ask that children under the age of 16 have a parent or guardian verify their membership.

Whilst RAAF will make every reasonable effort to ensure that children's privacy and other rights are not compromised (including our Rule against swearing), it is ultimately the responsibility of parents to monitor their children's Internet usage. Children should always ask a parent before sending any transmission over the Internet.

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